Arrival Information 2022


Students Drop-Off: Back of the Building
• Student drop off is located in the back drive through.
• It is important to note that drop off for arrival will be a
ONE LANE drop off.
• Students may exit the vehicles starting at 7:05am.
• Please allow students to exit from the passenger side
Pull all the way up to the first cone to allow the
maximum number of students to exit vehicles at the
same time.
• Staff members will be on duty to great students.
Please encourage your student to open their door.
• If you need more time, please pull forward past the
car drop off stations.
• The tardy bell rings at 7:30am, so please allow plenty
of time to come through the line and for your student
to exit the vehicle and walk to class.
Arrival in the Front of the Building
The front drop-off is dedicated for Buses/Daycare
• The front drop-off drive is NOT open for the K-1' drop
off until all buses have left DME. (This is usually
around 7:18am)
• Once buses have left, K-1* students (and siblings) can
use the front drop off location.