Dismissal Information for 2022


• The back car gate will not open until 2:40.
• While you are eager to see your student, please refrain from
coming early and backing up traffic on Bryson. (Once routines
settle in after our first days, our pick up routine takes about
15 minutes from the first student to the last student)
• The entrance/exit lanes are one lane each way. We double
the line starting at the back loop in the back drive.
• Stay in a double line around the playground until merging at
the corner. The last curve is tight. USE CAUTION! Safety first.
• The CAR CALLER will direct you, as appropriate.
• Pull forward to the first cone in a double line (5 cars deep).
• Put your car in PARK.
Please DO NOT put your car back into drive until ALL
students have been loaded and you are signaled to exit.
Parents should stay in their cars.
• Have car student Pick Up Cards visible in the front window.
• If you do not have MISD Pick Up Card, you will need to go to
the office with your ID.
• Student need to open/close doors as well as fasten and
unfasten seat belt by their self.
• The staff member in the front of the car line will indicate
when you may proceed.
• Merge back into one line and exit the back lane onto Bryson.
• As a reminder, No cell phone use should occur in the car line.